Choke Chains - Trace Amounts

Choke Chains - Trace Amounts


The mighty Michigan super group is back with its blistering Crypt-type sound to remind you things do not always turn out OK. Featuring past members of Bantam Rooster, Dirtbombs, Chinese Millionaires, No Bails, and 672 other bands.

The first part of the record is slow and dark but the guitars still crank out catchy riffs. But the record soon fires up the funny car engines, crashes into the wall and pieces fly everywhere.” — Maximum Rocknroll


A1 - Richard Speck Lights Up The Room
A2 - The Tender Type
A3 - Don’t Feel Feelings
A4 - Last Time You Were Shameless
B1 - I Want You to Know
B2 - If That Ain’t A Sin
B3 - Trace Amounts
B4 - I’m A Degenerate

Released October 2017
500 pressed
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