Make-Overs - Try Me LP

Make-Overs - Try Me LP


South Africa dynamic duo working hard to win over the entire planet with seemingly non-stop recordings, shows & tours. You won’t believe only two people can make such a righteous racket!

Make-Overs are a long-tenured boy/girl duo who, when not occasionally rocketing off into straight thrash neighborhoods, bounce around between sounding like a cross between the Urinals and the White Stripes and a cross between the Jesus & Mary Chain and the Wipers.” — Razorcake


A1 - So Gone
A2 - What Could Go Wrong?
A3 - Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You
A4 - In Hate (With You)
A5 - Take Out
A6 - It’s Not Allowed
A7 - You Wish
A8 - Termite
B1 - Try Me
B2 - Internal Logic
B3 - Obviously
B4 - Leech
B5 - It Makes A Lot Of Sense
B6 - Get Lost
B7 - Not As Advertised

Released February 2017
300 pressed

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