Terrestrials - S/T 12" EP

Terrestrials - S/T 12" EP


A sketchy midwest version of psych rock with an early 70s feel. Delightfully warped. Heavenly heavy. Magically manic.

You know that really sketchy oil change stop out by the edge of the city limits? Did you know after the place closes every evening the dudes that work there chew a couple microdots and pick up musical instruments they have hidden behind the old plastic gallon milk jugs filled used motor oil?” - Smashin’ Transistors

A1 - Aman Dude
A2 - Children Of Heat
A3 - Platooned
A4 - Teenage Waist Band
B1 - Rings
B2 - Eerie
B3 - Moonblade

Released August 2018
300 pressed
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